August 17, 1967

The Quick Silver Cougar has
been Sold

QSC Stats


  • 1967 XR7 Hardtop - Mercury's Polar White (Wimbeldon White for Fords) Body work and Paint by Cliff Cox, Colorado Springs  
  • 1968 Cougar Styled Steel Wheels
  • New Cooper Cobra Tires (2018)
  • New Power Front Disc Brakes and lines by Scott Taylor of  Taylor Restorations (originally power drum)
  • Power Steering
  • Probe Electric Headlight Motor conversion, custom aluminum mounting brackets
  • Headlight relay harness and Halogen Headlamps
  • Solid State rear turn signal relays by Vic Yarberry of Cougars Unlimited LLC
  • NOS rear quarter emblems
  • NOS rear bumper guards
  • Rechromed Front bumper
  • Original Rear bumper
  • Correct NOS rear trunk trim
  • Correct NOS Wheel well trim
  • 620lb lowering front springs
  • New fuel tank
  •  GT rear leaf springs from the late Ron Johnson of Stang-It


  • Saddle Tan XR7 seat covers from Johns Classic Cougars
  • Dash Bezel rechromed through Johns Classic Cougars
  • Saddle Tan seat belts restored by Ssnake-Oyl Products
  • Front seats repadded and rebuilt by Taylor Restorations  (2018)
  • Original Saddle Tan Floor Console
  • Saddle Tan Roof Console with working map lights, low fuel warning light, seat belt warning light and door open light
  • Rear Window DeFog
  • Factory style rear stereo speaker grills from West Coast Classic Cougar
  • Opera lights
  • Saddle Tan correct moonscape headliner and XR7 windlace
  • R134a Air Conditioning (factory air ducts)
  • Repop black dash pad from the late Ron Johnson of Stang-It (one of the best)
  • New premium front window regulators (not yet installed) from West Coast Classic Cougar
  • Styled Steel Wheel Spare Tire
  • Original Factory Jack


  • 302 Ford / 350 Horsepower crate motor built by "The Engine Factory"
  • AOD Automatic Overdrive Transmission by "Cougar Bill" of Q's Restorations in Golden Colorado
  • JBA Shorty headers (to clear that new AOD)
  • 3.55 Rear Gear Ratio
  • Pertronix Flamethrower Coil and Distributor

Ordered and Built

On June 12, 1967 new orders were received by Ford in Dearborn Michigan from an Ontario California car dealer named "Weber & Cooper Lincoln Mercury".

The orders were to build a new polar white XR7 with saddle tan interior. Scheduled for an August 4, 1967 build this new Cougar was actually built on August 17, 1967, mere days before the 1967 build year was to be completed and the new 1968 model year was to begin. This particular polar white XR7 Cougar was the 148,663rd Mercury Cougar scheduled to be built that year of a total 150,893 finally built for model year 1967, the very first year of the Mercury Cougar.


65B M 6F1 04V 52 0 W


Not a highly optioned car, this Cougars most noticible option is the XR7 package. Other option details include C4 Automatic Transmission, 14" White Sidewall Nylon Tires, Console with sport clock,, Power Brakes (Drum), Power Steering, Air Conditioning, AM Radio, Tinted Windshield, Door Edge Guards, and Rear Bumper Guards.

Unique Statistics

There were 13,040 '67 Cougars built with this Engine/Transmission combination (289-2V,C4), 12,133 also had the Whisperaire AC, 3,477 were ordered from this D.S.O.(LA order district), 2,504 were painted Polar White (M), and 362 were painted Polar White with the Saddle Tan interior (6F). The trim code is actually 6F1, and that extra "1" following "6F" indicates there was some unusual variance in the trim (interior) that was out of the norm. What that difference was is not identified and so far we have not been able to figure this little mystery out. If you think you may know send us an email.


Who bought this then new Cougar from Weber & Cooper in Ontario remains an unknown. I have been in contact with the son of John Cooper, the man who owned the dealership back in 1967. Jim Cooper, the son of John Cooper indicates his father has since happily retired and the dealership no longer exists. I've requested a copy of any photos of the dealership Mr. Cooper might be willing to share with me but have not received any. Weber & Cooper was in operation from 1961-1981 according to Jim, he recalls seeing a large painted sign in the dealership window that advertised the new Cougars for $2399. (Update: John Cooper has since passed away in Reno Nevada).

Working backwards to determine the cars history the story reads as follows. I purchased the Cougar in June of 1989 in Colorado from a young couple (Mike H.) who had purchased it to restore. That restoration never happened for them as they discovered they were starting a family and needed the money to help finance having a baby. I'm certain I over-paid for the car at the time but I could afford it and they needed the cash. They did little more to the car than to have it painted (poorly I'm afraid) with what I believe was a GM appliance white color - $800 for the work according to receipts. I believe those previous owners are still living in town although I have not had any contact with them since '89.

Sometime in the late 1990's after creating a website on the Cougar restoration I received an email from a gentleman (Ken S.) who saw the web page and identified the car as his at one time. He said he purchased the car from "Canon City Classics" for $2000. We communicated via emails for a brief time and I learned a bit more of the cars history. For example; he added a cruise control from another 67 parts Cougar that he had. The engine had been replaced with one from another 67 Cougar according to Canon City Classics and Ken, so the motor was not original although it was "correct". Ken later hit a point where he needed the cash and sold the car to "a young girl and her boyfriend" as he said in an email, "for the same $2000 I paid for the car" Ken said. I think that may have been the couple I later purchased the car from. Prior to Canon City Classics the ownership trail remains unknown.

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