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Summer, 1989

The QSC Starts a New Chapter

The Quick Silver Cougar (QSC) as we affectionately call it was actually our second Cougar purchase.  Our first purchase was a very plain '68 Cougar with a 289 and standard 3 speed transmission. It was that plain jane Cougar that hooked me on the style of the 1967 and 1968 Cougars. Because of that plain car I decided to purchase a more nicely appointed '67 or '68 XR7 for the purpose of performing a moderate driver restoration. I wanted a car that I could drive on nice days and take to a few of the local cruise nights and shows. At the time I had not heard of the more rare cars like the GT's, GT-E or XR7-G. I only knew I wanted a nice small block driver that was comfortable and classy looking. The polar white and saddle tan '67 XR7 pictured above, photographed a only few days after I purchased it 1989, became the target of this restoration.


The Daily Driver

Right after purchasing the QSC I sold the plain jane '68 to a local young man (Micheal B.) for $1000. I drove the QSC as a daily driver for about 2 years while performing minor fixes here and there. One of the first fixes was to replace the front floor pans, and to patch a rust spot in the trunk near the fuel tank. This was the sum total of rust on this original California car. Probably the result of a windshield gasket leak and a likely trunk lid gasket leak. The cowl vents were not at all rusty. There were the normal electrical problems to remedy, some were quite persistant and I could see where some wiring had been melted and would need repair. The AC was disconnected and I assumed it was non-functional. These were just small annoyances that could be repaired while using the car daily for the most part.

Looking For Parts

The search for nice replacement parts had begun in earnest now (1990), this was a little bit before the public internet days and USPS "snail mail" and long distance phone calls were the only way to locate the harder to find parts. Locally there was a great salvage yard that had nothing but acres of Mustangs and Cougars. Sadly this yard was sold in the mid-1990's and subsequently all the cars were crushed. My only wish is that they would have alerted me before crushing so I could make one more trip through the yard collecting the remaining good parts (and yes there were plenty still there). On occasion I would get to hit a salvage yard or two in Arizona, mostly Tucson or during my travels a yard or two in California. On very rare occasions there would be a few parts for sale locally by individuals, but usually those parts were not as nice as the salvage yard pieces and parts.


Daily Driving Days Are Over

I was using the Cougar to drive to and from work in the summer of 1991 when on one such trip home from the office the brake pedal went to the floor - no brakes! I quickly grabbed the parking brake and was relieved to some degree that it was still working. Driving very slowly and being only a few blocks from home I crept on for the saftey of my garage. Before I could make it home I heard noises in the heater box, coolant was pouring through the AC condensation drain to the pavement below - the heater core had broken. My daily driving days were over for until major repairs could be made on this old Cougar.


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